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MEA Conference 2013 Speaker Videos and Industry Interviews

A conference is a coming together of like-minded professional individuals to discuss industry news, developments and progress. They come to talk to each other, but are also drawn by the opportunity to hear from the leading people in their field and to learn from them and push their own work to a higher standard.

A conference can only ever be as good as the quality of the speakers, which means it’s important to show off the best people in order to highlight the top standard of an event.

Emphasising your speakers

The pro-active lead up to a conference can mean the difference between a successful event or a disaster. For this reason conference organisers place a great deal of emphasis on pre-event planning and communication. Planners should communicate clearly with both speakers and attendees, so that at all times everyone is aware of the program and what is expected of them. This means ensuring all relevant information on the website, and that emails are sent two weeks before the conference.

ZOOM Productions was heavily involved in the pre-conference marketing, giving key speakers exposure on the MEA Conference website. Employing social media channels, appropriate titles and informative layouts showed off the MEA Conference key speakers and interviewees and gave attendees a glimpse of what to expect, whilst creating conversation and build up before the conference date.